Founding Chapter – X Class Maine

X Class Drone Racing Maine Chapter founders Kristopher Kleva of the Maine Drone Society and Chris Taylor of VikingUAS are already up to their eyeballs in X Class — as well as a big local drone racing crew ready to jump on board! Keep an eye out for them, along with some cutting edge new rigs, at our MultiGP International Open race on August 11 at Academy of Model Aeronautics Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana!


Founding Chapter – X Class South East Queensland, Australia

Look out Australia, X Class Giant Drone Racing has arrived! Founded by local drone racing community stalwarts Jamie Griffin and Josh Mitchell, X Class South East Queensland is the first X Class chapter down under, and our second international chapter. They have already drawn lots of local interest and will be scheduling their first exhibition soon. Keep an eye out here for more info!


Founding Chapter – X Class Arizona

Founding members Ted Wayne, Danny Pharrams and Pete Phimphavong are drone racing and organizing veterans with X Class fever. Arizona X Class pilots are going to see lots of action soon! Their first exhibition is right around the corner at the First Annual R/C Swap Meet and Grudge Race. For more info on how to get involved, please join their Facebook Group!


Founding Chapter – X Class Kwad Squad, Tri-State Region

Serving the Tri-State region of Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, the Kwad Squad is ready to bring X Class eastward! Led by the experienced and highly regarded drone racing organizers and pilots Jay Day of Dayton Drones in Dayton and Chris Grenner in Cincinnati, the Kwad Squad has GIANT plans for X Class racing in the Tri-State area. Keep an eye out for the Kwad Squad at the upcoming MultiGP IO X Class race in August 2018!


Founding Chapter – X Class UK

UK giant drone racing pioneers Martin Rye and Tonstar Jackson are the heart and soul of our first founding chapter, X Class UK. With their first exhibition event MA4@Popham Drone Zone on May 12 & 13, 2018, real giant drone racing in Europe begins! X Class UK is a chapter to watch in 2018 and beyond.



Want to start an X Class chapter in your area?
Contact us!


X Class welcomes giant drone racing enthusiasts around the world who want to run their own giant drone races to join our community as chapters. Our requirements for chapters can be boiled down to:

  1. Use our rules (at a minimum) at racing events for safety and consistency.
  2. Never operate the aircraft in a reckless manner.
  3. Be an AMA Sanctioned Club/Chapter with all chapter members AMA members in good standing, or the local equivalent if outside the U.S.
  4. Consistently and responsibly use our logo and brand and, where possible, identify your chapter as an affiliate of X Class Drone Racing.

Use of the X Class Drone Racing logo, brand, or identity without permission or official chapter affiliation is prohibited.

Some of the things we provide to our chapters include:

  1. Promotion of your chapter and events via the X Class website and X Class social media outlets.
  2. A chapter page on the X Class website with links and information for your chapter.
  3. Access to our full body of rules and regulations.
  4. Help and general guidance on running giant drone races from the core X Class team.