Q. I want to start an X Class team. How do I start?

A. We are looking for teams! The more rigs we have, the better races will be. Send us a message through our contact page and we'll get you started with information.

Q. When is your next race? Will you have a race near me?

A. X Class Drone Racing will hold at least four races in the inaugural 2017 season, all within the San Francisco Bay Area. As these are scheduled, we'll post them to our events calendar. If you're not in the SF Bay Area, we are expecting to expand geographically to the western United States and elsewhere as resources allow. If you'd like to have an X Class race in your area, send us a message via our contact page and stay in touch with us. We go where our support is.

Q. Who are you? Are you trying to get rich off this?

A. We are all enthusiastic FPV pilots who want to keep pushing the boundaries of drone-racing technology. X Class Drone Racing was created by pilots, for pilots, and putting on great races for pilots and spectators is our number-one guiding goal.  

Q. How much does it cost to build an x class drone?

A. There's a lot of speculation about the cost to put together a competitive X Class drone, but bottom line; we don't know. This is an entirely new way to race, and we're figuring out what we want to do and technology doing its best to keep up with us. We're already seeing new motors, ESCs, and frames hit the market to support this class of racing. Some of our early pilots have spent many thousands as they were trying to figure out the best balance of components from what was available at the time. As new manufacturers bring new X Class–specific products to market, these costs are rapidly becoming more affordable. A good range to figure is $800-$1000 USD right now, but that is changing daily. We're adding all manufacturers we know about on our products page, so that's a good place to start looking for parts.

Q. A thousand bucks for a racing drone!? Are you high?!

A. While costs are always higher when you're leading the innovation, as more X Class products roll out the costs will come down (as it always does with new tech). Also, the intent of X Class Drone Racing is to move the sport further from an individual-based to more a team-based competition. Not only does it allow different members to specialize in different aspects of your drone design and engineering, it can also allow you to spread the cost.  

Q. How fast do X Class drones go?

A.  With top speeds of over 100mph in the first season. There have been other reports of larger drones going faster, but even the pilots admit that the methods used were a bit hinky. These speeds are increasing almost weekly as new products come to market specifically designed for X Class Drone Racing. 

A. Do X Class drones crash?

A. Yes. Yes, they do. And it's glorious to see on film, and even better in person.

Q. What's the best esc/flight controller/frame/motor?

A. As with just about anything that requires an opinion, the answer depends on whom you ask. The best way to get information is to ask those who've already built and raced their frames. You can find most everyone in X Class racing on the X Class Facebook Group or through X Class Drone Racing's Facebook page. In addition, we hold regular Builder Q&A video lifestreams on Facebook, so join us and ask questions. Also, never be afraid to contact an X Class pilot/builder via Facebook directly — they're incredibly helpful. Finally, you can always send us a message via our contact page and we'll forward your question to one of our teams.

Q. Are there other X Class racers in my area? 

A. This is a new variant of quad racing, so we're getting info from new people in dribs and drabs. If you send us a message via our contact page, we'll put people in the same area in contact as we get new information about races, leagues, and teams. We're not only a source for races, we're a great source for information and making connections with other X Class enthusiasts.

Q. My company would like to sponsor a team/race. Who should I contact?

A. Message us through our contact page and we'll have a sponsorship coordinator contact you.

Q. What are your requirements for X Class drones?

A. Our only requirement is that the size of your frame must be 800mm to 1200mm measuring at the widest point and it must have a few other safety features like a failsafe. There is no limitation to the size of your battery. Why? Because battery size currently is a self-limiting factor. The bigger the battery, the more the weight; the more weight, the slower the drone. We are about fostering innovation, so if you can break that weight-to-speed equation and do it responsibly and safely, do it! Our point isn't to make rules for rules' sake. We want to foster and encourage innovation, so putting limits on how you build your rig goes against that ethos. However, your rig must be battery powered; we do not allow liquid fuels for obvious safety reason. 

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