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Duke Distribution and Logistics is committed to providing reliable LTL services and brand management for the food and beverage industry in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North & South Dakota and beyond. Their expert staff will have your merchandise at its destination on time. Get in touch with them today to schedule your transport!

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Crack open a can of the best tasting energy drink on earth, LIQUID NITRO ENERGY DRINK! Infused with nothing but the finest ingredients, including three herbs and two B-vitamins to give you the best quality energy drink your body can handle. 

Order all the many Liquid Nitro drinks, shooters, and fashion-wear or learn more about their racing team at


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Kickass Beef Jerky is a family owned premium beef jerky and snack company providing unparalleled quality and service. Using family recipes from many generations, its flavors are matched by no other. Kickass products are made in the US and are made using only top-quality ingredients.

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Want your company to be part of the X Class Drone Racing action? 

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