The following manufacturers produce parts appropriate for X Class drones. This list is informational to help you find parts and equipment, and as more products come to market for X Class–sized racing drones, we'll expand our list.  

If you are a manufacturer and want your X Class–appropriate products listed here, contact us


Tattu batteries

GensAce Tattu offers a wide array of packs for all types of racing, and they've become the ersatz gold standard within the X Class community. In addition, Tattu has been an early supporter of X Class Drone Racing and was an official sponsor of the first X Class drone race held in North America.

t-motor logo.jpg.png


T-Motor is long known within the RC-racing world and is maintaining its reputation with several motors appropriate for X Class-size racing. Numerous X Class Drone Racing pilots use T-Motor 4120 motor. In early May 2017, T-Motor announced it would begin production of its F1000 motor, specially designed for X Class racers and producing 6 kg of thrust. 


Horus frames

Horus is the first manufacturer we're aware of to produce a frame specifically designed for the X Class–racing market. Its Dreadnought 15 fits well within the X Class Drone Racing size specs, and Horus founder Sharif Manganas has issued challenges to other producers to begin developing for X Class–size racers.


emax motors

In April 2017, Emax announced it would begin production of the Emax RS3520 motor specifically designed for X Class racing. Manufactured in-house to be a race-purpose driven X Class motor, The EMAX RS3520 is capable of producing 4.2kg of thrust with 13-inch props on 6S batteries! 



RCTimer is starting to roll out a number of products created for the X Class racing market. In April 2017 it released the BeeRotor 80-amp ESC that is DSHOT capable. In addition, it offers  ZoeFPV X6/950 motors, which are branded for Zoe Strumbaugh of Team Vondrone and used by several X Class Drone Racing teams.



Great3D is a boutique 3D-printing merchant that also offers custom carbon-fiber cutting. With two CNC routers and a stock of carbon-fiber sheets and tubes of varying thickness and length, Great3D has the capacity to cut custom frames for both X Class–sized drones and mini quads. Custom 3D printing is also available.