1st       Colby Curtola, 9pts
2nd      Jon Collazo, 9pts
3rd      Donnie Green, 9pts
4th      Zoe Stumbaugh, 9pts
5th      Stix, 9pts
6th      Shane Traweek, 9pts
7th      Jon Gaiser,  9pts
8th     Reiner Von Weber, 9pts
9th     Kelsey Allen, 9pts



(Points include all community and circuit races to date)

1st          Colby Curtola; 22pts
2nd         Jon Gaiser; 21pts
3rd         Shane Traweek; 20pts
4th         Zoe Stumbaugh; 19pts        
5th         Reiner Von Weber: 14pts
6th          Frederic Morin; 10pts
7th(T)     Jon Collazo; 9PTS
7th(T)     Angela Jacques; 9pts
7th(T)     Kelsey Allen; 9pts
7th(t)     Kevin Sellers; 9pts
11th(T)     Lacy Morrow; 8pts
11th(T)     David Chen: 8pts
13th(T)    Antony Labbe; 5pts
13th(T)    Will Spicer; 5pts
13th(T)    Nathan DuCray; 5pts
13th(T)    Eddie Codel; 5pts


May 5, 2018

1201 West 10th Street, Antioch, CA 


Race two of X Class Drone Racing's second season was a historic first; never before has drone racing been a full race division of an auto-racing event. 

Sprint car fans loved X Class racers battling it out on the oval track of Antioch Speedway — and Zoe Stumbaugh's spectacular crash. With Colby Curtola once again putting up a dominant show of force, the crowd immediately took to the drama and energy of drone racing. 

As our first ever Circuit race, all pilots received nine season points, regardless of finish. Points based on finish will begin with the next circuit race, scheduled for July 7, 2018 at Antioch Speedway.

Presented by

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.11.48 AM.png



1st Colby Curtola, 13pts
nd Jon Gaiser, 12pts
3rd Shane Traweek, 11pts
4th Zoe Stumbaugh, 10pts
5th Frederic Morin, 10pts
6th Kevin Sellers, 9pts
7th Angela Jacques 9pts
8th Lacy Morrow, 8pts
9th David Chen, 8 pts
10th Anthony Labbe, 5 pts 11th Will Spicer, 5 pts
12th Reiner Von Weber, 5pts 13th Nathan DuCray, 5pts
14th Eddie Codel, 5 points Spirit Award:
Angela Jacques

Wicked Build:
Frederic Morin



January 20th, 2018

4455 Raymond Rd, Livermore, CA


X Class returns to the Livermoore Flying Electrons for the first race of Season 2. With machines going twice as fast as season 1 it made for quite the show for spectators as machines reached upwards of 100mph flying around the course- going head to head through 10x10 foot gates while doing it! Another historical precedent in Drone Racing has been set, with the future looking brighter than ever with a season of twice as many races planned. Prepare yourself pilots, and get excited racing fans!

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It all started when...

The Inaugural race season for X Class was brought to life out of the vision and persistence of Miguel Gonzaga, Zoe Stumbaugh, and Reiner Von Weber.  They planned to create a four race giant drone racing series that would be held at AMA sanctioned events across the West Coast.

The rules were simple (800mm-1200mm) everything else was open. Anticipation for the first race was intense; no one knew if it could really be done and how the spectators would react.  Team Vondrone stepped up to the plate with four working rigs, hoping that someone else would have the drive to show up with their own as well. Colby Curtola not only showed up with a working rig, but was even able to lap some of the other pilots in that short race.  Behold, X Class was born.

As the races continued, newly minted X Class pilots started to show up one by one with new and innovative ideas.  By the end of the third race of the season, Zoe was hitting new never-before reached speeds with her unique frame and sub-system engineered by her and Andrew Dysonian.

By Race four, Cal Berkeley hosted and raced their own custom build that was designed in their engineering classes.  Giant drone racing hit a new high as a premier college student body joined the racing season with a true team-based approach.


2016 Tattu Invitational

Exhibition Race Results

First: Zoe Stumbaugh
Second: Kevin Sellers





Presented by

December, 2016

Treasure Island, CA


This demonstration was the first giant drone exhibition race to be held on an AMA Field under AMA Rules in the US, and the first real debut of X Class racing.



First: Colby Curtola
Second: Kevin Sellers
Third: Nathan DuCray
Fourth: Zoe Stumbaugh

Fastest Time
Colby Curtola

Best in Show
Zoe Stumbaugh


Feburary 4th, 2017

4455 Raymond Rd, Livermore, CA


The first real giant drone race in history, X Class Season One Race One was also historically fun! With the event generously sponsored by our friends at Tattu, our original batch of top pilots wowed the spectators, demonstrating that giant drone racing’s time had come!

Presented by



First: Colby Curtola
Second: Jon Gaiser
Third:   Kevin Sellers
Fourth:  Zoe Stumbaugh

Best Crash
Trey Player

Wicked Build
Andrew Dysonian

Best in Show
Justin Kelly

Holy $hit you are Fast Colby Curtola


ABout us splash.jpg

X Class began to hit our stride at race two, graciously hosted by the AMA club at Bayside RC and sponsored by our friends at Tattu. The racing was intense, particularly for our top pilots who had just cut their X Class teeth at race one.


May 27th, 2017

7698 Mowry Ave, Newark, CA


Presented by

Flite Fest West


X Class held an exhibition race at Flight Fest West 2017 in Vallejo, CA, exposing Giant Drone Racing to a large community of traditional RC hobbyists. Highlights included the Flying X Class Disco Ball created by X Class team member and pilot Kevin Sellers, along with some old-school freestyle!

April 29th, 2017

Solano Valley Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA



First: Noah Furhman
Second: Zoe Stumbaugh
Third: Jon Gaiser
Fourth: Kevin Sellers

X Class Banner.jpg

West Coast Throwdown


First: Zoe Stumbaugh
Second: Shane Traweek
Third: Wyll Soll
Fourth: Angela Jacque

Best Crash
Angela Jacques

Spirit Award
Shane Traweek

Holy $hit You Are Fast
Zoe Stumbaugh

Wicked Build
Shane Traweek

 Angela Jacques of FPV Racing Mexico repairs an X Class Drone after crashing it during a practice race at the West Coast Throwdown - Mike Henneke/The News Review

Angela Jacques of FPV Racing Mexico repairs an X Class Drone after crashing it during a practice race at the West Coast Throwdown - Mike Henneke/The News Review

August 18th, 2017

828 Whistlers Park Rd - Roseburg, Oregon


X Class headed to Oregon for our first official race outside of California- bringing an all new class of racing to pilots that had never experienced the fun of giant racing drones at the West Coast Throwdown

X Class Background 2.jpg

UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station


First: Colby Curtola
Second: Jon Gaiser
Third: Cory Ibanez
Fourth: Shane Traweek

Spirit Award
Reiner Von Weber

Best Crash
Zoe Stumbaugh

Wicked Build
Team Dysonian


 The Winners Circle for the Season Finale of X Class Race 4 - The Biggest race of the season, finishing out the official X Class Races for Season One

The Winners Circle for the Season Finale of X Class Race 4 - The Biggest race of the season, finishing out the official X Class Races for Season One

October 28, 2017

Richmond Field Station - UC Berkeley


Graciously hosted by our friends at UAVs@Berkeley, The fourth and final race of the inaugural season brought out our largest and fastest pool of competitors yet resulting in some of the best giant drone racing ever seen, along with a generous helping of unexpected drama!