The Future of Racing Drones is BIG - Be a part of it with X Class Drone Racing


Big Drone Racing Invades California Speedways in 2018

With numerous Speedway test races in the books, the "Outlaw" bad boys & girls of X Class Drone Racing are getting ready to excite race fans at a variety of Motorsports and flying field venues across California- click to find out more!

2017 Season - History in the Making

History has been made. X Class has completed a full first season of races in 2017, with four races having been held across the West Coast of the United States plus several more demo events. Together X Class has done what no other group in drone racing has accomplished before, holding the world's first season of large scale drone racing.

X Class in Your Eyes

ZoeFPV new videocast features X Class and all things FPV. Hear about the heart of X Class and find out more about what it's all about. The passion from pilots for giant drone racing is palatable- once they get to experience excitement they forever look to the skies differently.

X Class in your ears

X Class launches a new podcast for designers, builders, and pilots. Get build help, tips & tricks- and find out about the ground level information about what it takes to be apart of giant drone racing. Join the family and listen in on the X Class Drone Racing Podcast.

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Be a part of the season two opener for X Class Drone Racing on January 20th, 2018 as we head back to the Flying Electrons AMA Club & Field @ 4455 Raymond Road, Livermore, CA 94550

This race will be an X Class Open Race meaning it is open to all pilots with an X Class rig and AMA membership to register and compete, and the course will be a traditional field-based drone racing course.

The main event will run from 12:30pm to 4pm, with lunch graciously provided by Tattu at noon along with a LOS RC exhibition put on by our hosts. X Class Pilots are encouraged to show up before 11am for craft tech inspection and sign in.

Spectators are welcome! We recommend bringing chairs and anything else you might need to make your stay comfortable.

To compete you must be registered online prior to the event. Click the button below to learn more and register.