The Future of Racing Drones is BIG - Be a part of it with X Class Drone Racing


Historic First Circuit
Race In The Books

The crowd goes wild as X Class Drone Racing holds its first circuit race at Antioch Speedway as a full event beside wingless sprint and modifieds auto racers. Kids loved it, adults loved it, and the auto racers loved it, too!
The next circuit race is scheduled for July at Antioch Speedway.

Big Drone Racing Invades California Speedways in 2018

With numerous Speedway test races in the books, the "Outlaw" bad boys & girls of X Class Drone Racing are getting ready to excite race fans at a variety of Motorsports and flying field venues across California- click to find out more!

2017 Season - History in the Making

History has been made. X Class has completed a full first season of races in 2017, with four races having been held across the West Coast of the United States plus several more demo events. Together X Class has done what no other group in drone racing has accomplished before, holding the world's first season of large scale drone racing.

X Class in Your Eyes

ZoeFPV new videocast features X Class and all things FPV. Hear about the heart of X Class and find out more about what it's all about. The passion from pilots for giant drone racing is palatable- once they get to experience excitement they forever look to the skies differently.