The number one question we get is "How do I build an X Class Racing Drone?"

We've put together this list of suggested builds for X Class–sized rigs, broken down into different price points and purposes. Whether you're looking to get in X Class racing with a trainer or have the money and skill for a high-grade professional rig, these are where we suggest you start.

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Entry level trainer

By going with inexpensive, non-performance parts and a DIY wood frame, this entry-level trainer will give you some stick time without breaking the bank. Don't expect to do much racing with this build, but with some experience, you'll be ready to move up into racing with your next build. 

TOTAL COST: About $225, not including camera or receiver. 


Budget racer

Once you're confident in your flying and want to move up into racing, this build offers enough power and speed to compete without breaking the bank. Will you smoke the competition? Probably not, but this build will do well enough to keep you in the pack. Even better — if you started with our entry-level build, you can move some of your parts onto this build.

TOTAL COST: About $470, not including camera or receiver. 


Mid-Grade racer

If you've got some extra cash to spend on better parts, this mid-grade racing build will offer improved performance in races. Improved power distribution, better props, and a higher quality motor will help you solidly compete in a crowded field.

TOTAL COST: About $841, not including camera or receiver. 


gold standard racer

Have the budget to really build the best X Class racer money can buy? Got a sponsor who's footing the bill or a team who's sharing costs? Short of getting custom-made parts, this rig is the top of the line for those who take X Class racing dead serious. While in no way cheap, this build makes your race all about skill, because your rig won't be standing in your way.  

TOTAL COST: About $1,300, not including camera or receiver.